10. Oktober 2018

Public Lecture by Nobel laureate Prof. Robert B. Laughlin - Stanford University

Introduction by Prof. André Thess, Director of the DLR-Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics and Professor of Energy Storage at the University of Stuttgart

10. Oktober 2018 18:00 Uhr
Hörsaal V 7.02, Pfaffenwaldring 7, Campus Stuttgart-Vaihingen

It is now known that the „dispatching problem“ of renewable energy prevents it from supplying more than about 30% of any country‘s electric energy needs - the rest being supplied from reliable sources such as hydroelectricity or fossil fuel burning. It will remain the case until an an inexpensive way is found to store enormous amounts of energy safely over the period of several days and retrieve it again. This problem, which is not yet solved, is arguably the greatest technical challenge of the 21st century. In this talk Prof. Laughin shall make the case that the correct solution to the problem – the one that will prevail centuries from now after economic shake-out – is storage as heat. He shall show an explicit way to make such technology using jet engine principles. The larger idea implicit in this example is that solving this great problem is not a matter of science at all but a matter of „rocket science“ - of doing something you already know how to do, just unusually well and precisely, with assiduous attention to detail. Many of us around the world are now working hard to bring this technology into being.