Research project

Cross-system control strategies for an energetically optimized operation of residential ventilation and heating systems

Brief description

The objective of the research project is to develop optimized cross-functional control processes for residential ventilation equipment and heating systems. A key aspect is the continuous information exchange of relevant system parameters between both systems. A real-time communication shall be developed for the exchange of the relevant information used by both systems for a demand-orientated control.

Strategies shall be developed that both systems respond more precisely on load changes. Thus, the energy expenditure for heating and ventilation shall be reduced. Furthermore, the potential for a decentralized ventilation shall be investigated regarding controllability and energy expenditure while the central design of the other components of the residential ventilation equipment remains unchanged (heating register, heat recovery system, and filter).

Compared to a conventional demand-orientated control, this concept does not require any dampers to throttle the air flows. Thus, flow resistance and fan performance can be reduced in comparison to central systems. On the basis of thermal-energetic building and system simulations, the influencing parameters shall be shown and operating strategies shall be deduced. Due to their complexity, these findings shall be exemplarily validated based on experimental investigations in a room air flow laboratory.

In addition, hybrid investigations shall be performed in a hardware-in-the-loop test bench. These investigations can show the application-oriented potential of a decentralized ventilation in the residential ventilation. These procedures allow for profound and application-oriented findings and recommended actions for SMEs. In the future, these recommendations can be considered in the operation and the cross-functional control of residential ventilation equipment and heating systems in order to develop new products and to increase the competitiveness.


Project duration

11/2021 – 04/2024



Industrial Collective Research (IGF), German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF)

Grant number 22051 N


Project partner

Forschungsgesellschaft Heizung-Lüftung-Klimatechnik Stuttgart mbH (FG HLK), Stuttgart, Germany


This image shows Lukas Siebler, M.Sc.

Lukas Siebler, M.Sc.


Academic employee

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