Absorption chiller or absorption heat pumps

The developments of absorption chillers and absorption heat pumps at IGTE will be presented.

Absorption chillers and heat pumps

Absorption chillers and heat pumps are used in a variety of applications, such as building air conditioning and heating.
An ammonia-water absorption chiller with a nominal cooling capacity of 10 kW was developed at IGTE. The system is being improved as part of various research projects in order to reduce manufacturing costs and increase the coefficient of performance and cooling capacity.
The operating conditions of district heating networks are subject to constant change, e.g. as a result of decreasing specific heat consumption in connection with refurbishment of existing buildings (EnEV). District heating networks must therefore be adapted to the new operating conditions. An improved cooling of the district heating water supports this adaptation and enables a lowering of primary-side temperature levels, reduces heat distribution losses, supports the integration of low-temperature (off) heat sources and improves source-side heat supply. To increase the efficiency of a district heating network, an absorption heat pump is integrated into an existing district heating network and investigated.


This image shows Johannes Brunder, M.Sc.

Johannes Brunder, M.Sc.


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