Team "Sustainable Buildings and Smart City Concepts"

We develop innovative concepts for the energy supply of districts and villages and innovative solutions for the energy supply of buildings. The use of renewable energies as well as an economical and ecological life cycle assessment are an integral part of these innovative concepts. After the successful realization of our concepts, we are involved in the commissioning; based on monitoring, we develop proposals for the optimization of the system operation. For single-family houses and multi-family residential buildings as well as office and industrial buildings, we develop technologies and strategies for an energy-efficient and resource-efficient operation. In addition, our smart home solutions also increase energy efficiency as well as comfort and thus increase well-being and productivity.

Research areas

  • Solar energy utilization
  • Solar district heating
  • Seasonal thermal energy storage
  • Smart cities
  • Bioenergy districts
  • Integral energy concepts
  • Innovative thermal energy storage technologies
  • Combined power and heat supply
  • Solar power and heat supply of buildings and districts
  • Dynamic simulation of complex energy supply systems
  • Smart home technologies
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)




W. Juschka; S. Lang; M. Gensbaur; D. Bestenlehner; H. Drück: "Innovative Wärmedämmungen für thermische Energiespeicher - Schüttfähige Wärmedämmstoffe, Hochtemperatur-Wärmedämmkonzepte und Vakuumwärmedämmungen". Symposium Solarthermie und innovative Wärmesysteme, 21.-23.05.2019, Bad Staffelstein pdf icon



This image shows Dr.-Ing. Harald Drück

Dr.-Ing. Harald Drück


Research Coordinator and Team Lead

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