Institute for Building Energetics, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage

Focus on energy storage, renewable energies and indoor climate technology

Our Mission

We research and teach for comfortable living and working conditions in buildings and quarters in harmony with energy efficiency, sustainability and technology. Particular emphasis is placed on energy storage, renewable energies, hydrogen technology and indoor climate technology.

  • Using state-of-the-art methods and technologies, competent scientists develop sustainable solutions for the global transformation of energy systems.
  • For this purpose, the buildings and quarters, their technical components and systems as well as their integration and interaction are comprehensively examined.
  • In this context, we follow the development of demand from use to distribution, storage and generation of energy and material flows.
Our team
Our team

An overview of the institute's activities is available in our flyer.

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Institute for Building Energetics, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage

Pfaffenwaldring 6, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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