Prüfung von Wohnungslüftungsgeräten

The section of residential ventilation testing is acknowledged by DIBt as well as PHI certification. Furthermore other testings required to be done by an independent testlab all over Europe (e.g. Belgian Building Regulation, Swiss Energie Cluster) can be performed and are recognized. This includes also testings needed to fulfill mandatory regulations (EU) No. 1253/2013 and 1254/2013.

Range of Testing

We test ducted and nonducted residential ventilation units with heatrecovery as well as heatexchangers and fans up to 3000m³/h based on the common standards as for example:

EN 13141, ISO 5801, EN 308, DIBt LÜ-A, PHI, Belgian EPB, NEN 5138, Ö-Norm B8110-6, DIN 4719, SAP-Q, EN ISO 5136, EN ISO 3744, JIS.                                                                                                     

Based on these standards we perform the following main tests:

  • Leakage tests (internal and external, pressure method and tracergas method)
  • Indoor/outdoor mixing with tracergas
  • Aerodynamic tests (measurement of fan courves, SFP/SPI values)
  • Thermal test at different conditions (mesasurement of heat and humidity recovery ratios)
  • Frost protection test down to -15°C
  • Accoustic tests (device sound, duct sound, sound damping)

We perform final type test as well as pretests for development purposes. We also test heatpumps and combined units (ventilation plus heatpump) according to PHI, DIBt and EN 16573. Furthermore we offer support in setting up your own testing facilities.


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